Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not Politically Correct in 2011

So I've made just one resolution this year and that is, drum roll, to no longer be politically correct. The older I get the more I realize that opinions matter and that there is no need for political correctness. Our country was founded on the basic premise of equal rights and I'm not quite sure when the masses forgot what that means. People what that means is my opinion is okay. I don't have to agree with you (boy am I glad I don't).

The new political correctness is creating the most intolerant group of people in history. Children are no longer exposed to anything that might potentially offend them. So I ask (rhetorically of course) how are they supposed to have any original ideas? Have we descended so far into this vanilla (a/k/a liberal) society that we don't remember how to have a respectful disagreement?

In grade school I was a Hanukkah candle for a school holiday presentation. Could that happen any where but a Jewish school today--no. That was the year I learned about the festival of lights and what it is celebrating. So I know what my Jewish friends are doing on those nights. I'll offer a little secret -- I wasn't offended, scarred, swayed or anything negative in the experience. Instead I can fully wish my friends a Happy Hanukkah and know what I am saying.

Our schools allow no mention of the holidays we are celebrating in December except the new year. That's it...any parties are festooned in snowmen (not even blue snowflakes lest a reference to Hanukkah). We have Secret Snowflake Fairies (living on the edge there--potential homosexual reference)instead of Secret Santa. Honestly, does it really matter.

Every time I see some idiot fighting against saying the Pledge of Allegiance I want to vomit. History is important both for failures and successes. The ability to reject the Pledge has every thing to do with what the Pledge represents. Are people that stupid?

Should we all agree on the leadership in the White house? For the record, I do not agree, but I respect the office. This particular Commander is making it difficult but I love this country and our system works when we allow it.

Things have gotten crazier and crazier in this country. We don't stand up for any thing of substance. We stand up for not standing up. We allow feelings to trump rights and that's just wrong. Having your feelings hurt is not the same thing as having your rights violated people.

Most importantly, we have lost sight as a country of how lucky we are. People are still dying to get here (literally). The crimes against humanity in other countries are beyond most Americans' comprehension. We are living in a fool's paradise. We have truly forgotten what it takes to be great. We have forgotten that in most other places you are not allowed to speak against the government, disagree with policy, be and do what you want. This is a right that is so important to protect and political correctness is a big threat to those rights...think about it.

Do one thing this year. Stand up for what you believe in and don't worry about offending any one--NO MORE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

And because I'm allowed my opinion WTF is Kwanza?