Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And now a report from the basement....

So operation healthy Alice continues although I must say it is more of a challenge than I like to admit. Old habits do die hard, unfortunately. So for now I'll keep silent on that front until I have something earth shattering to report....please don't hold your breath on this one!

Alas I have to share more basement escapades. First, have I mentioned it's a million dollar house? Yes, it is and yes she drives a lovely and expensive car and yes the girls go to private school but NOOOOOO they do not turn on the air-conditioning. It was 82 degrees in the basement today if any one cares. It was HOT!!!!

So both He and She were home this morning when I arrived. This always makes for a fun day for me. He goes outside to take a call (no cell service in the basement) and She proceeds to tell me that he has reached the end of his rope and wants to close the business and move to Florida. I'm seriously thinking that is what I want to do too, but decorum requires that I say "oh no what's going on?" He's feeling so much stress and it's getting to him. I do understand that feeling so I am sympathetic (really I am). So I mention that Anthony and I have decided to sell the McMansion and go into a much smaller home in a development where you can spit into your neighbor's windows. All our acreage is way overrated. She perks up...really where is this development? Really.... we're going to be neighbors. OMG I can't even imagine it??? I can see me as the one who is chasing the angels down the street trying to get them to go home for dinner. OIY.

Well as I walked up the stairs back out into the light of day today...I called down "if you're still here, I'll see you Friday."