Saturday, July 2, 2011


Readying the house for sale has been a full-time job. Any one who visits right now feel free to open any cabinet, closet or drawer and you will find them all meticulously organized and neat. This has been hard work but the real work is in maintaining it. The only way to do that is to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. With school now out Christopher my human wrecking ball cannot be left in the house for any length of time without something getting un-organized. So I decided that I had no choice but to resign from the basement. I know you're all thinking that's what I wanted any way. Okay you know me so well--inside I was doing a happy dance. I had two weeks off while SHE was in the Cape on vacation. I had no intention of going into the basement alone or just with HIM because I know he had no vacation plans.

I procrastinated (it is me we're talking about) until Thursday (SHE'S due back Sunday). I call on her cell and SHE answers. I ask about her vacation only to find out SHE just got there the day before because SHE was so busy with work -- gulp. I then say in my sweetest voice "oh no I'm not going to make you happy then because I have to resign." SHE says "uhhh may I ask why." I know SHE was thinking it had something to do with Anthony and the computer work he did for them when SHE was less than professional. I tell her about the house and the kids, etc. and SHE says "I completely understand why don't you take the summer off and come back in the fall?" I am completely dumbfounded..."huh." So I am off for the summer and that makes me very happy now if I could get this house sold I would be over the MOON!!!!!

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