Saturday, February 13, 2010

So why get glasses Alice?

Now that I am 45 I need glasses--all the time. I remember years ago there as a TV commercial where a man kept yelling at his wife "get glasses, Alice" in a nasal, naggy voice. Now it is me who is constantly yelling "have you seen my glasses?" I just can't get used to wearing glasses full-time. It feels very unnatural to me. I thought about contacts, but sadly I wear progressive glasses. I'm not sure if that's what they are really called or if the eye doctor knew I would be upset at the prospect of wearing bifocals. Yes, friends I need reading and distance glasses. To me my glasses are yet another irritating symbol of aging.

This blog will be different than my other. I am dedicating this one to ME! Here is a place for my opinions. I'm always looking for a soap-box to stand on, and this it it.

So my few peeps who will read this I say have fun and feel free to speak your mind 'cause now that I'm old I'm a little bit crazy and may turn off my filters just a bit...

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