Saturday, March 27, 2010

From SAHM to WM -- How in the world did that happen?

It started innocently enough with me reading an ad for a part-time office worker in our church bulletin. The ad said perfect for a stay at home mom. So I applied despite not really wanting work. A few weeks went by and I assumed my resume made its way to the circular file. Then I got a call from a woman telling me she would like to meet with me about the part time job. Yikes! What have I done?

We met one afternoon in the local Starbucks. For whatever reason interviewing always brings out the competitor in me. As a rule I am not competitive and I never participated in any competitive sport. The interview however makes me say and behave in a way to get the job at all costs. I am a champion at getting the job and then comes the quandary--did I even want the job?

Here I was sitting in Starbucks doing a bang up job selling myself and my multitude of skills and talents. She seemed absolutely delighted and told me she would call to set up an interview with her husband--the owner of the company.

Again a couple of weeks passed and I foolishly assumed that they had found someone else for the job. Then she called again and set up the meeting, and then cancelled it, then rescheduled, then cancelled and then rescheduled again. Finally, we met and again I went into super sell mode. He too was delighted.

Another couple of weeks go by and the call I dreaded came. "We would like to offer you the job." I hear myself despite of myself say "I am so excited that is wonderful." It was as if someone else was speaking for me. We agreed I would start in a week.

All week I thought about it....I don't want to work, but how can I pass this up? So I spend my last SAHM week doing regular SAHM things. Monday morning I was nervous and grumpy. I haven't worked for NINE years. What have I done? Why am I doing this?

I go to work and my new boss is late. She is so incredibly disorganized I sit and listen her try to find something for me to do. I do not have a good feeling about this.

The next day she sends me to Office Max to return something. As I walk out I realize I forgot my glasses. I can't believe it how do I forget my glasses. Hello I am fixated with my glasses. So I have to run into Michael's and buy a pair of readers to get through the day. This is not a good omen.

The next day again she is late, but I have a key and the code for the alarm. I let myself in and sit down. Who gives someone they barely know a key and their alarm code? That is just crazy if you ask me. So I sit and I wait for her. She arrives an hour or so later with a GIANT hole in her pants. Quick, quick I have to listen to my inner voice. Do I tell her or pretend I don't notice. Her panties are pink...still thinking. Then I hear that damn voice again..."Oh no you must have caught your pants on something they are torn." My inner voice is so tactful. Really she split her pants. She shares with me that she knew the pants were ripped but she put them in her closet and forgot about it and put them on this morning. We chuckle and the routine of trying to find something for me to do commences.

The rest of the week goes pretty much the same. She arrives late and then has to run back out for something. Days pass and it is finally Friday. I made it a whole week! Yeah for me. How long will this last? I'm not sure. So far I miss being being a SAHM but friends keep telling me how great this is for me...only time will tell.

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  1. You have just proven that the title of your blog -Get glasses Alice- is very true...and very fitting! Good luck with the job...hope they find more for you to do!