Thursday, March 10, 2011

Will Captain Crunch Really Have to Walk the Plank?

Okay I admit it--I LOVE Captain Crunch especially with Crunchberries. If only Crunchberries had the same antioxidant properties as the acai berry. Thinking about Captain Crunch makes me happy and makes me think of childhood. It reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons and times when life was simple.

I'm older now and I know a thing or two about nutrition so I know that Captain Crunch is not a super-food. I know it has a lot of sugar and I know that I should eat a breakfast with less sugar, more fiber and protein. Yet the thought of a world without Captain Crunch makes me sad.

I haven't had a box of Captain Crunch in my house in, well I can't remember the last time. If however I find out that I can't get it any more I will be seriously upset. Neither of my kids have ever tried it. Neither of them have ever had the roof of their mouths cut up by eating too much Captain Crunch. This in my view prevents any one from eating too much Captain Crunch. How many other foods can say that?

So here it is I don't eat it any more, but I will be seriously annoyed if I can't eat it any more. Does that make any sense?

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  1. Alice, my husband buys a box about once a year. It never gets completely eaten -- but after reading your post I now understand that I should stop mocking him for buying I had no idea of the possible emotional attachment.

    Oh, yes, who doesn't remember the torn roof of your mouth after a bowl? That's awesome.