Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Two and -- Friday at the Basement

Take that will-power! Today was day two of healthy Alice. I laced up my knock-off balance ball sneakers and away I went. I didn't go as far today, but I went faster. Today I was prepared. I had my healthy snack packed and I didn't go into any store. Yeah for me! So now my reward...cold savignon blanc.

I'm sure after my health update that you want to hear more of my basement escapades. I got to the basement at 9:30 this morning which is perfectly on-time. I march up the front walk-way and knock on the door and try to walk in because the door is usually open and the knock is just a courtesy. The door was locked. Mmmm I think, that's strange. I ring the bell and I hear a definite scamper of feet. This is odd. So I go around to the side of the house and peek in the garage. I'll bet you've never peeked in your office windows have you? Ah ha I see that only HIS car is in the garage. HERS is missing. I get back into the car and I call HER and there is no answer; I text and still no answer. So I decide as if I'm still in college and waiting for a late professor that I will wait 15 minutes and then leave. I was doing a little Friday happy dance in my head. Then I swear 14 minutes later the garage opens. It's HIM and he doesn't even try to fake surprise. He knew I was out there the whole time. I ask him if SHE wanted me to work today and HE just shrugs...seriously just shrugs. I then put on my professional hat and say well I'll just check my desk and see if SHE left anything if that's alright(of course). HE says go right ahead. Then HE leaves. Okay here I am in their house alone with well nothing I feel like doing. I figure out a few things to do and then HE comes back. Yikes I need to look busier. Meanwhile SHE texts me that SHE will be home in a bit. Whoo hoo can't wait. So in SHE comes like a hurricane (so cliche I know) with the two angels. SHE checks on me and then announces that the housekeeper has arrived (thus the screams from the angels)and SHE is off to get her hair done. The noise that ensued when SHE left was a caucaphony (always loved that word)of non-angelic sounds. Finally, it is 2:00 pm and I am on my way. I climb the stairs and emerge into the kitchen where I see one of the darlings sitting at the island being coaxed by the housekeeper to do her K*umon sheets. English is not this woman's first language but her eyes tell the story. Ridiculous and they don't pay me enough for this crap. I know, I feel you I say back with my eyes. Then the little cherub takes off and this woman chases her around the house. I just stood there watching--not believing what I was seeing. All the while HE was in the basement doing well I'm not really sure what. I yelled good bye have a good weekend and made my exit...Can't wait to go back on Monday-NOT!

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